New Build Buying?

Five Tips to Help You Find the Right New Build Home at the Coast of NC/SC

Whether you are recently retired, are a recently single/widowed adult,  or are recently married with maybe a little one on the way, and are interested in buying a home, one topic comes up fairly often–should I consider a “New Build”?

While some people prefer the look and feel of an established neighborhood, others are looking for a home that is entirely new. It is hard to resist a home with shiny floors, fresh paint and never-been-used appliances. What you often lose in neighborhoods lined with trees and established lots, you gain in brand new comforts and modern styling. 

If you are considering a New Build, here are some top tips to help guide the process.  Before we jump into the the buying tips, know that there are technically three different types of “New Builds”:

  • A new home that is already built.
  • A semi-custom home built as part of a development (this is where you can choose from a set palette of finishes and upgrades);
  • A purely custom-designed home and built to your specifications.

Here are five tips to make your buying process a breeze:

  1. Research the Builder: Oh boy!  This one will save you loads of time, and potentially, a lot of money in the long run.  An experienced real estate agent will have a lot of experience and knowledge with the major builders in your area. You definitely want to find the right one, and not one that cuts corners.
  2. Research the Neighborhood: New Builds are typically in suburban areas, and it is best to do your research on the neighborhood to make sure it is the right one for your family. 
  3. There are still negotiations, so use a real estate agent: Sometimes people don’t realize that even in the New Build process, there are still negotiations! The builder pays for the agent’s fee, so there is no cost to you to have someone working on your behalf, especially with the warranty and upgrades. 
  4. Get a home inspection: This is a BIG purchase, which means you want to fully understand exactly what you are buying.  Make sure to get a home inspection to ensure that everything is in order.
  5. Know that you can use your own companies for financing: Just because the builder has a preferred lender does not mean that you have to work with that mortgage company.  You are free to “shop the market” to secure your own financing.

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